So… did they like it? Check out their review and find out! “It’s a system I really, really, want to play extensively … It feels Napoleonic, really putting you in the driving seat of entire corps … The ideas are magnificent, much of the execution is excellent and what theRead More →

Thank you for the fantastic reception we’ve received for ESR Miniatures! We delivered the first ESR Miniatures pre-orders to gamers at Historicon 2023 where they were very well received and now were working on getting all the rest into the mail for those patiently waiting at home! The response toRead More →

Wondering if you want to dive into ESR Miniatures? Checkout these third-party reviews. UNBOXING: What really comes in an ESR Miniatures Force Pack? UNBOXING: Customer unboxing video of ESR Miniatures REVIEW: ESR Miniatures Napoleonic French Ligne and Legere 10mm ESR Napoleonics – A Review from A Painter’s Perspective Mentioned in DispatchesRead More →

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Brant and Jim from Armchair Dragoons invite David of The Wargaming Company discuss all things ESR Miniatures related – What took so long? What’s happening with the metal to plastic change in the industry? What is next in the production pipeline? And much more! The Armchair Dragoons were among theRead More →

The exact contents of a Force Pack varies by faction and sub-era, but every Force Pack is a fully playable ESR Force for a player to command. Here’s an example of what is available in the Russian Mid-Late War Force Pack: Pehotniy Korpus available for Pre-Order today. (Go here seeRead More →

Nearly every ESR miniature starts as a 2D line art drawing that is colored and placed in an ESR Campaign Guide… but its next stage is as a hunk of digital clay, magically transformed through talent, skill, and software into whatever we need it to be. Like, a Russian three-horseRead More →

Speed dating with manufacturing partners is… not that speedy. We initially intended to release ESR Napoleonics Miniatures in March 2022. We missed that. By a lot [about 15 months]. The reason why is straightforward: We struggled to find a production partner that could produce what we needed, at costs thatRead More →

What are ESR Miniatures? ESR Miniatures is a new line of 1:160 scale (aka ‘N’ scale, aka 10mm) thermocast plastic miniatures for gaming the Napoleonic Wars from The Wargaming Company. When will ESR Miniatures become available? Pre-orders are open today (8 May 2023). We expect to have stock available forRead More →