You can lead your own Napoleonic Army at Historicon 2019! Registration is OPEN so sign-up TODAY and reserve your spot! Slots are filling fast, but we still have room for you. STEP 1: Pick a Core Box Choose a Core Box to form the basis of your Force. We recommendRead More →

What is this? At Historicon 2019 we’re running eight ESR Napoleonics games, and for the first time, players can bring and lead their own Forces on the tabletop! Do I have to bring my own miniatures? Nope. We’ll have Austrian, French, Prussian, and Russian loaner Forces available. If you’re signingRead More →

Are you ready for Historicon 2019? Have you planned what games to register for? We hope your agenda includes at least one of our eight ESR Napoleonics games! Checkout the Events List and plan your schedule! Thursday 1PMThursday 2PMFriday 9AMFriday 11AMFriday 2PMSaturday 9AMSaturday 11AMSaturday 2PM You Can Lead Your OwnRead More →

If You Bring ’em, You Can Play ’em! Want to lead your *own* Army into battle?At Historicon 2019, YOU CAN!  The Wargaming Company will be running a series of ESR Napoleonics games at Historicon, and if you want, you can use YOUR OWN ARMIES! How? Paint, base, and prepare yourRead More →

We’ve published the first half of the game photos from AdeptiCon 2019, more will come in the following days. If you were lucky enough to be there, you can relive the action with these game reports, and if not, you can see what you missed in detail!

We first met Rob from the History to War Games podcast at NashCon in 2018 and this year he traveled to Cold Wars to interview David and Becky about ESR Napoleonics. Have a listen! And if you enjoy History to War Games – you can find more of it onRead More →

We just had a blast at Cold Wars 2019! We met great people, we had a terrific show, put on some explosively fun games, heck, we even got interviewed! (More about that later.) If you weren’t there, you can still check out the games we ran in our Gallery (theRead More →

The Wargaming Recon Podcast focused on ESR Napoleonics as an excellent example of large scale wargames using small scale miniatures, they also talk terrain, ESR Campaign Guides, the importance of maneuver before coming to grips with the enemy… Check it out!

What do ya think? We really hope you like our new website, it offers a lot: ESR Tutorials Community Forums Site-wide SSL Security A New Gallery with battle reports and captions ESR Box Set Basing Guide Site-wide Search Consolidated Product Information and Ordering And don’t worry, while a lot hasRead More →