…this is a massive 250 page campaign source book and in many cases size leads to compromises in visual presentation – impressively not so here. Of those 250 pages, over 100 are dedicated to uniforms, with much of the rest being scenarios and the campaign, allowing you to take Napoleon’s army all the way from Poland to Moscow (but not back – Part 2 beckons!).

The scenarios are the meat and veg of the whole book, and where you’ll be headed first to try out what ESR has to offer as a mass-battle rule set. There are 15 scenarios on offer, ranging from small skirmishes – of course, this is ESR so the skirmish still involves at least a Brigade! – all the way up to Borodino.

…the scenarios are all presented in a fairly system-agnostic manner, so you could pick these up to use them with any Napoleonic game…

A welcome – and surprising – addition to the MoW book is the vast wealth of uniform images included.

No longer do you have to rely on forty different Ospreys or a series of hard to find translated guides, because it’s all here. For French and Russian forces the uniform guides are broken down into regiments where uniform variation exists, and for others, illustrative examples provide enough information to get painting. This is a wealth of material here, as close to a comprehensive guide to uniforms in the Russian invasion as it’s possible to get for the price and in a single volume.