If You Bring ’em, You Can Play ’em! Want to lead your *own* Army into battle?At Fall-In 2019, YOU CAN!  The Wargaming Company will be running a series of ESR Napoleonics games at Historicon, and if you want, you can use YOUR OWN ARMIES! How? Paint, base, and prepare yourRead More →

Have you heard Wargaming Recon’s latest episode? You should listen, especially if you’ve been wondering if you should buy a Classic Grasslands Game Mat for your gaming table! (Spoiler Alert: They like the mat…).

Wondering how we make such terrific looking after action reports? One part of the formula is the Classic Grasslands Game Mat. But don’t just take our word for it. No Dice, No Glory just reviewed the Classic Grasslands Game Mat!

The venerable No Dice, No Glory review/blog/podcast/all-things-enthusiastic-about-our-hobby-team just published what they promise will be the first in a series regarding ESR Napoleonics. This first article talks about getting into Napoleonics, and what to expect from ESR; both how it plays and what games look like.

The Emperor’s Birthday Event was a success, great fun was had by many and victory was enjoyed by some! You can checkout photos of one of our ESR games here.

Emperor Napoleon turns 250 years old tomorrow, so we’re beginning the party today! From now through 11:59pm Sunday night ESR Napoleonics are ON SALE! Order your ESR Napoleonics today, and you can also get FREE DELIVERY to The Emperor’s Birthday Event on 24 August in Bannockburn IL! ESR Player’s &Read More →

We’ve begun posting photos of our Historicon 2019 games. All-in-all, we ran eight games for 32 players, across three days. The first two battles resulted in significant Austrian defeats, but there are plenty more reports yet to come. Keep checking back for updates as we continue to publish the restRead More →

The Napoleonic Historical Society is sponsoring The Emperor’s Birthday Event on 24 August 2019, a one-day Napoleonic game day and you’re invited! Melton Hall at Trinity College2065 Half Day Road, Bannockburn, IL 60015 The Wargaming Company will be running ESR Napoleonics games beginning at 8AM, 1PM, and 7PM. Sign-up todayRead More →

The Static Grass Game Mat can be the foundation of diorama like games, adding realism and visual depth to your gaming table. In combination with NOCH trees and our other terrain products, you can create engrossing vistas. The Static Grass Game Mat is available for pre-order today and expected to ship late summer 2019.Read More →