We’ve published our first game photos from Fall-In 2019 and more are coming, check them out.

Likely the most remarkable game mat to ever cover your table, the Static Grass Game Mat is excellent for nearly any scale of miniature. It’s unique makeup of grass and mud patches simulates battlefields from across the world. Order Yours Today!

You can lead your own Napoleonic Army at Fall-In 2019! Registration is OPEN so sign-up TODAY and reserve your spot! Slots are filling fast, but we still have room for you. STEP 1: Pick a Core Box Choose a Core Box to form the basis of your Force. We recommendRead More →

What is this? At Fall-In 2019 we’re running six ESR Napoleonics games, and just like at Historicon 2019, players can bring and lead their own Forces on the tabletop! Do I have to bring my own miniatures? Nope. We’ll have Austrian, French, Prussian, and Russian loaner Forces available. If you’reRead More →

If You Bring ’em, You Can Play ’em! Want to lead your *own* Army into battle?At Fall-In 2019, YOU CAN!  The Wargaming Company will be running a series of ESR Napoleonics games at Historicon, and if you want, you can use YOUR OWN ARMIES! How? Paint, base, and prepare yourRead More →

Have you heard Wargaming Recon’s latest episode? You should listen, especially if you’ve been wondering if you should buy a Classic Grasslands Game Mat for your gaming table! (Spoiler Alert: They like the mat…).

Wondering how we make such terrific looking after action reports? One part of the formula is the Classic Grasslands Game Mat. But don’t just take our word for it. No Dice, No Glory just reviewed the Classic Grasslands Game Mat!