We’ve begun posting photos of our Historicon 2019 games. All-in-all, we ran eight games for 32 players, across three days. The first two battles resulted in significant Austrian defeats, but there are plenty more reports yet to come. Keep checking back for updates as we continue to publish the restRead More →

The Napoleonic Historical Society is sponsoring The Emperor’s Birthday Event on 24 August 2019, a one-day Napoleonic game day and you’re invited! Melton Hall at Trinity College2065 Half Day Road, Bannockburn, IL 60015 The Wargaming Company will be running ESR Napoleonics games beginning at 8AM, 1PM, and 7PM. Sign-up todayRead More →

The Static Grass Game Mat can be the foundation of diorama like games, adding realism and visual depth to your gaming table. In combination with NOCH trees and our other terrain products, you can create engrossing vistas. The Static Grass Game Mat is available for pre-order today and expected to ship late summer 2019.Read More →

If you’re playing in an ESR Napoleonics at Historicon 2019, today is the day to submit your Force! After you do so, we’ll send you a confirmation e-mail and begin creating your roster sheet for your game(s). Be aware, if you don’t submit a Force Submission Form, you may notRead More →

Wargaming Recon, the longest-running tabletop wargaming podcast on the planet, just published their latest episode; their featured guest David Ensteness, founder and lead designer at The Wargaming Company. David and the two co-hosts Jonathan and Adrian discuss ESR Napoleonics, the goals of The Wargaming Company, how TWC chooses 3rd-party productsRead More →

The Grasslands Game Mat can be the foundation of diorama like games, adding realism and visual depth to your gaming table. In combination with NOCH trees and our other terrain products, you can create engrossing vistas. The Grasslands Game Mat is available for pre-order today for free delivery to HistoriconRead More →

If you are playing in one of our ESR Napoleonics games at Historicon 2019 – FORCE SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE 24 JUNE! If you are planning to Lead Your Own Army at Historicon 2019 it is very important you complete a Force Submission Form so that we can be prepared forRead More →

You can lead your own Napoleonic Army at Historicon 2019! Registration is OPEN so sign-up TODAY and reserve your spot! Slots are filling fast, but we still have room for you. STEP 1: Pick a Core Box Choose a Core Box to form the basis of your Force. We recommendRead More →

What is this? At Historicon 2019 we’re running eight ESR Napoleonics games, and for the first time, players can bring and lead their own Forces on the tabletop! Do I have to bring my own miniatures? Nope. We’ll have Austrian, French, Prussian, and Russian loaner Forces available. If you’re signingRead More →

Are you ready for Historicon 2019? Have you planned what games to register for? We hope your agenda includes at least one of our eight ESR Napoleonics games! Checkout the Events List and plan your schedule! Thursday 1PMThursday 2PMFriday 9AMFriday 11AMFriday 2PMSaturday 9AMSaturday 11AMSaturday 2PM You Can Lead Your OwnRead More →