A man was killed in front of a convenience store. It happened about 15-20 minutes from where I live and work every day. His name was George. I did not know him. A lot has happened very quickly in the three weeks since that man died, both near me andRead More →

The worldwide pandemic has required a lot of businesses to close, at least temporarily. Fortunately, Nappy the Pen-Gin™ at The Wargaming Company, LLC is able to keep waddling along with his penguin crew. We’re shipping orders daily, replying to customer correspondence – and continuing work on upcoming releases. With theRead More →

Smolensk, 1812 as a FREE PDF download! We’re busy working on revising our very first ESR Campaign Guide, 1812-1: Master of the World, 1812 in Russia, to be reprinted. We first published Master of the World back in 2016 – and it continues to be one of our most popularRead More →

Yes, we are still operating and shipping daily. Due to the number of states under some form of ‘Stay at Home’ order our 25% Off Spring Convention Cancellation Sale has been extended one more week, through 6 April 2020. Sale discounts are reflected in your cart. Items already on clearanceRead More →

As we all know, in the last couple weeks the world has changed – hopefully temporarily. In our hobby this is most visible in the cancelation of the spring convention season. As an alternative to the conventions we are all missing, The Wargaming Company is running a 25% Off SaleRead More →

Todd Pressley of HMGS, Inc’s Hobby University has furnished us with his painting tutorials for ESR Napoleonics. The first one is live now, check it out!Read More →

The venerable Todd Pressley will spend two hours teaching you how to batch paint armies of 10mm miniatures at Cold Wars 2020! Register Today! Each student will have the opportunity walk away with a completed battalion of either Russian, French, or Austrians infantry and the know-how to crank out divisionsRead More →

Wondering if the Classic Grasslands Game Mat is right for you? That’s a fair question. Maybe you’re not sure about faux-fur mats. Maybe you’ve tried doing one homemade-style in the past and had a bad experience… Well, no matter the case, checkout the Breakthrough Assault review and you can seeRead More →