Et Sans Résultat (ESR), now in third edition [is] ready to take you to very, very big battles.

The core rules offer grand scale combat with a near-unique focus on command and control that’s done better than in comparator games working with a similar focus.

It’s genuinely a brilliant system, and the care and thought put into these mechanics that allow formations to act semi-autonomously is evident on every page.

The fighting aspect of ESR is arranged through the Threat system, which is one of the best-written sections of the rules. Simple and clear to work out, your formations will exert “threat” out at range (or in contact) to represent combat.

It’s a system I really, really, want to play extensively … It feels Napoleonic, really putting you in the driving seat of entire corps … The ideas are magnificent, much of the execution is excellent and what the game could provide is unique.

I completely agree … this is the game to aspire to. This is Napoleonic Wars at the scale and grandeur it deserves and should be played at.