Napoleonics for New People

Past versions of Et sans résultat! expected the players to bring some shared familiarity with either Napoleonics in specific or historical wargaming in general. But with ESR Series 3 we’re looking to make historical Napoleonic wargaming accessible not just to people who have pre-existing familiarity but everyone.

ESR Series 3 makes Napoleonic historical gaming accessible to the general wargamer. You like miniatures wargaming or board gaming? Whether your experience is sci-fi, fantasy, or historicals, ESR Series 3 is designed to get you up to speed and in the game, by getting you into the Napoleonic era.

  • ESR Series 3 Overview
    Three Books in One The Age of Napoléon takes players from the origin of the French Revolution to the ‘final curtain of the Napoléonade’. The Player’s Guide includes an all new Quick Start Guide and complete rules for Command, Movement, Combat, and Traits. Planning for War shows players how to … Read moreRead More →
  • What’s New: The Characters
    Sure, people know Napoléon, but who the heck is this Marshal Murat guy? Is it Czar Alexander or Tsar Aleksándr? Did he do anything important? Whether you eat, live, and breath the Napoléonic era or this is your first entry into historical gaming, we’re going to bring you up to … Read moreRead More →
  • What’s New: The Plot
    People have heard of the French Revolution and the Battle of Waterloo, but there’s a lot of distance between the two. Whether you eat, live, and breath the Napoléonic era or this is your first entry into historical gaming, we’re going to bring you up to speed on the historical … Read moreRead More →
  • What’s New: The Factions
    The French Revolution isn’t only about France, and the Napoleonic Wars aren’t only about Napoléon. Players have a wide range of choices when delving into the Napoleonic Age. Kingdoms, Empires, Coalitions… and changing alliances The Napoleonic Age has a country for everyone, there are literally several dozen minor nation states … Read moreRead More →
  • What’s New: Military Terminology
    What the heck is a Hussar? There’s a lot of universe-specific terminology in every wargaming genre and period. In fantasy we learn what orcs and elves are. In sci-fi we learn how space marines differ from psykers, in Napoleonics we learn how hussars differ from a fusiliers. That’s why we’re … Read moreRead More →
  • What’s New: Starter Scenarios
    We all have to get started somewhere, and frankly, when you’re traveling somewhere for the first time, it is often best to set a light agenda so you’ve got plenty of free time for discovery. That’s where the Starter Scenarios come in. An Archetype for Every Campaign? ESR Series 3 … Read moreRead More →
  • Upgrade to ESR Series 3
    Owners of ESR Second Edition who received* a copy of CPG-1: Et sans résultat! Second Edition The Complete Player’s Guide since December 2018 may be eligible for special pricing when upgrading to ESR Napoleonics: Et sans résultat! Series 3. Until 31 March 2022 players of ESR Second Edition with an … Read moreRead More →
  • What’s Not Changing
    There are a lot of changes from ESR Second Edition to ESR Series 3 if you just look at the raw count of revisions, but if you consider the focus of Et sans résultat!, you’ll find very little has changed. The Sequence of Play ESR Series 3 tweaks the sequence … Read moreRead More →
  • Introducing ESR Command Card Decks
    We’re really excited to introduce ESR Command Card Decks. We’re representing every historical commander we can justify including: 74 French generals, 59 Russian generals, 13 English generals, plus Formation Trait Cards to customize the abilities and behaviors of your Formations for different sub-eras and scenarios. Each Commander Card includes all … Read moreRead More →
  • Introducing ESR Stats & Orders Packs
    ESR Stats & Orders Packs for Series 3 We’re excited to announce ESR Stats & Orders Packs, each including 18 Formation Stat Cards that feature Command, Movement, and Combat stats for the Units common in that type of Formation. Traits specific to the Formation are also denoted and explained preventing … Read moreRead More →
  • Where are ESR Series 3 Stats‽‽
    We’re so exited about the interest in ESR Series 3 – we’ve literally had to break shipments into waves to manage demand – that also led to us beginning to ship ESR Series 3 ten days early so we could get ahead of shipping pre-orders as soon as possible. As … Read moreRead More →