ESR Stats & Orders Packs for Series 3

We’re excited to announce ESR Stats & Orders Packs, each including 18 Formation Stat Cards that feature Command, Movement, and Combat stats for the Units common in that type of Formation. Traits specific to the Formation are also denoted and explained preventing additional reference to the ESR Series 3 rulebook.

Formation Stat Cards are a terrific replacement for paper rosters and convenient for players whether running a historical scenario from our ESR Campaign Guides or a throwing together a pickup game.

Every ESR Stats & Orders Pack also includes three type of (paintable) order markers: 9 Objective Markers, 20 Directive Dice, and 8 Status Dice. Combined with the 18 included Stat Cards, each pack is amble for at least 2-3 players’ Forces.

We’re beginning with packs for France, England, and Russia. ESR Stats & Orders Packs are scheduled to begin shipping with ESR Series 3 and ESR Command Decks on 31 March and available for a discounted introductory price until then.