We’re really excited to introduce ESR Command Card Decks. We’re representing every historical commander we can justify including: 74 French generals, 59 Russian generals, 13 English generals, plus Formation Trait Cards to customize the abilities and behaviors of your Formations for different sub-eras and scenarios. Each Commander Card includes all the information you’ll want handy while playing ESR Series 3: Stats, Traits, availability, and often historical insights.

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Command Card FAQ

When will ESR Series 3 Command Card Deck pre-orders ship?

We hope to ship pre-orders 31 March 2022 as well as deliver them to AdeptiCon 2022. As with all things these days, our plan is supply chain dependent.

Are ESR Command Decks required to play ESR Series 3?

We’re publishing all of the Commander Stats, availability, and Traits as free downloads by faction, but the ESR Command Cards are the most convenient way to manage and access these stats in-game.

What physical size are the ESR Command Cards?

ESR Command Cards are poker-sized, i.e. 2.5″ by 3.5″.

Will there be additional nationalities/factions?

Yes, we’re starting with French, English, and Russians, but we definitely intend to cover many others.