Looking for some excellent ESR games?

Historicon was definitely the place to find them. Down to the last, players took risks; some were scolded and others rewarded, but all were great to watch!

Hiller Gets Mentioned in Dispatches

As Vandamme's light cavalry deployed ahead of his corps, they observed the advance of Vincent's hussars to their right and ...
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“Join the Club.”

The Austro-Russian Army surged forward in our fourth ESR game of Historicon 2018. The Austrians sought to control the center ...
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A Series of Small Battles

Our third game of ESR Napoleonics was our second game in the Game Hall. Hohenlohe would move against Lannes, while ...
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Do We Win Ties?

Our games at Historicon 2018 filled in the first week, so we added additional games in our vendor booth in ...
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Bad Luck vs Bad Decisions

Lannes reached the field from the northwest, while Vandamme decended with elements of his corps from the southwest. Slowed by ...
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