The Austro-Russian Army surged forward in our fourth ESR game of Historicon 2018. The Austrians sought to control the center of the battlefield by screening off Bernadotte with their Avantgarde while manuevering Vincent’s hussar brigade into the center to stop any junction of the two French corps. Lannes took his Force straight forward, unconcerned that the Russian position was fortified, St. Sulpice’s cuirassiers were sent forward immediately in an attempt to scare the Russians back before they were successfully deployed into their defensive position. However, Vincent’s arrival with the Austrian hussars threatened the flank and rear of the cuirassiers and they withdrew to cover Morand’s infantry. The Austrian Avantgarde successfully tied up Bernadotte, he deployed his light cavalry forward and held back any aggressive action.

Lannes suffered from no such concerns of overcommitment and Morand’s division was directed against the Russian fortifications while St. Suplice was committed against Vincent’s hussar brigade, driving it from the field. The cuirassiers were halted as they brushed away Vincent’s light horse to see Radetzky’s infantry division formed and ready. Behind the cuirassiers was a stream of retrograde French infantry. Morand’s assault had made initial breakthroughs against Sacken’s lead division, but a second division had arrived and struck the French left. Without another division to commit in support, and with Bernadotte still over a mile away fencing with the Austrians, Lannes reined in the cuirassiers to stabalize his position.

Meanwhile, Bernadotte had finally decided to deploy Demont’s infantry, only about a mile away from the fighting, and commit his light cavalry alone against the Austrian Avantgarde. The cavalry were successful enough to claim victory, routing a battalion of grenzers, but Nordman’s Avantgarde wasn’t going anywhere, and Hiller had no concerns about his junction with Sacken.

With Lannes knocked out of the game, the battle was called as an Allied victory. It ran 8 turns in 2 hours, representing just shy of 3 hours of battle. Lannes complained that Bernadotte didn’t support him, Davout wandered by the table and muttered, “Join the club”.

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