Our games at Historicon 2018 filled in the first week, so we added additional games in our vendor booth in order to accommodate as many players as possible. This is the first of two engagements we ran in our vendor booth.

This bloody action ended in a draw after approximately 2.5 hours of play, representing 3.5 hours of battle.

The Austrians advanced straight away as Hiller moved three columns against Bernadotte’s position near a large town. Ever the decisive leader, Bernadotte quickly decided to remain in place and do nothing – not even deploy! Meanwhile, Lannes surged forward towards a large Russian column that was moving without cavalry support. St. Sulpice’s partially deployed cuirassiers struck Sacken’s lead division while it was deploying, but the two infantry regiments which had already setup on the ridgeline were enough to turn back the ill-prepared charge. This did pin the Russians in place though, allowing Morand to move into position and begin his deployment.

Seeing that he was about to be met by a significant number of white-clad Austrians, Bernadotte decided it might be wise to deploy his corps. Unfortunately, his inaction had ceased the initiative to Hiller, and the Austrians had a large cavalry Formation, backed by an avantgarde, moving onto the French flank. The Austrian infantry division moved forward to pin Demont’s infantry in place, and Bernadotte had to send Pajol’s light horse forward again and again to turn back the Austrian flanking manuever. With deminishing success the brave French horsemen pushed off the Austrian hussars while supported by Demont’s infantry. But in the action against the avantgarde they look some lumps and retired, leaving Demont exposed.

Sacken’s lead division began to retreat under pressure from Morand, but he was able to bring his second division online against Morand’s left and the French were forced back. Lannes saw the problem of Bernadotte and changed course, sending St. Sulpice’s now rested and reogranized heavy cavalry into the flank and rear of the Austrian infantry.