a few lonely Saxons
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a few lonely Saxons

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So, my latest (very small) project is to paint up a few units of 1812 Saxons to play the Kobryn scenario from "Didn't Dare Do Anything". I have two batteries of green-coated artillerists (originally created to be Italians for a different situation) who can serve for the artillery and a French officer with staffer who will stand in for Klengel. But I need some of the brightly coated Prinz Clemens uhlans (who will have left their lances elsewhere as I don't have the energy or ingenuity to add them in wire and thread) and four battalions of red-faced white ice cream soldiers for the Koenig and Niesmeuschel infantry regiments. A spare chevaux leger officer based up by himself can be Matthai, and we'll be all set. If they acquit themselves well, I may have the impetus to paint up the rest of the contingent for Gorodechno.

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Would love to see some photos! (and yes, they can be both linked to or uploaded to this forum)