2019's Iron ESR Army is... Austria  


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12/03/2019 11:48 am  

I figured I would take David's new forum out for a spin and document progress building my Austrian Army.


My Austrians are probably the oldest figures I own.  Some going back to the early 1980's.  They are based 1/60 scale for 'From Valmy to Waterloo'.  Probably the most detailed set ever created.  A nice set long out of print that you need to live so you can remember all the rules.  Since I've finished my Prussian, Saxon, Bavarian and a large part of my French army, it's now time to start my Austrians.


I use Heroics & ROS (H&R) 6mm figures for my Napoleonics.  Now, if I was starting today I would be all over the ESR boxed sets.  I've seen and gamed with them at Fall In 2018.  My newer armies for other periods are mainly 10's but I just don't feel like getting rid of thousands of painted figures.  I know that's not very wargamer like of me but so be it! 😀  

My bases are pretty much standard ESR.  30mm x 20mm. 

  • Infantry are mainly 3 ranks of infantry figures at 24 figures per base/battalion.
  • Cavalry are 5 figures per base. I usually build the required number of squadrons.
  • Artillery are one cannon and 3 figures=3pdr (light) battery, 4 figures=6pdr (medium) battery, 4 figures & mounted officer=horse or fast foot battery & 5 figures=12pdr(heavy) battery.

Even though I'm starting with some already painted figures, the amount is really very small so most everything will be a new build.

Next, I'll post about how I go about deciding what & how much to build along with the current status of painting.  Not sure if I'll post again until after Cold Wars so everyone have a safe trip to Lancaster and I'll be the one wearing the old California Golden Seals jersey on Friday.


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