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Austrian position batteries in Series 3

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In the recently-available Austrian unit status information for Series 3, there's a single entry for Position-Batterien.  From the Threat statistics, this appears to be for a 6-tube 12-lb Position Battery with 4 12-lb. guns and 2 howitzers.  However, throughout the mid-war period and up until the Battle of Leipzig, 2 out of every 3 Austrian Position Batteries were comprised of 4 6-lb. guns and 2 howitzers, with the remaining third of the position batteries having 4 12-lb. guns and 2 howitzers.  Even at Leipzig, 1/3 of the Austrian Position Batteries still had 6-lb. guns.  I propose that the current Position-Batterien entry be split into a Schweres Position-Batterien entry with the current statistics, and a Leichtes Position-Batterien entry with threat statistics of 2 / 2 / 2, open terrain Cohesion of 1, and Embarrassing Terrain Cohesion of 1.

Additionally, about half of the Austrian brigade batteries had 6 tubes, and the remainder had 8 tubes, with no howitzers in either configuration.  The Austrian Brigade-Batterien entry is about right for the 6-tube version, but the 8-tube batteries should have threat values more like 2 / 3 / 2 , keeping parity with French 8-tube 6-lb. batteries.

Regards, Ken Valentine