Our second game was marked by French aggression on both wings. Lannes sent forward his light cavalry which was quickly defeated, causing him to take pause and draw up his Force before renewing his attack. On the right, Vandamme did not have an early defeat to learn from and pushed Boudet’s division out to an exposed position.

After the initial success against the French light cavalry, Hiller switched to a defensive footing on the Austrian left, while Hohenlohe managed a slow and consistent build against Vandamme.

While Hiller would eventually be forced to withdraw, Hohenlohe’s victory over Vandamme will be significant and prevent the French from claiming any form of victory. Instead, Hiller’s setback will be seen as simply the sacrifice necessary to win the battle.

The game ran three hours in just under three hours of real-time, and even Vandamme had a good time!

The terrain, rules and miniatures are available through The Wargaming Company, LLC.