The French racked up another win when Vandamme boxes in Hiller and Lannes defeats Hohenlohe, again with a battle turning on Gelbmitroterdachstadt.

After an initial clash between Saint Sulpice’s cuirassiers and Vincent’s hussars in the central battlefield, the southern sector went largely quiet as Lannes slowly maneuvered while Hiller concentrated across the river. Meanwhile, Lannes pushed aggressively at Gelbmitroterdachstadt, determined to bring as much of his Force against as little of Hohenlohe’s as possible. The plan worked. Ulm’s division is defeated outside of Gelbmitroterdachstadt on Windmühle Hill when Lannes moves his light cavalry against Ulm’s rear.

The game ran approximately three and a half hours and represented just over four hours of battle in 14 turns, resulting in a French victory. Rules, miniatures, and terrain are all available from The Wargaming Company.