We know a lot of Napoleonic gamers are really excited about our new ESR Series 3 Campaign Guides (and many have been waiting a long time). So in an effort to keep people up-to-date on progress we’ll be maintaining this post to provide progress towards milestones on our next Campaign Guide scheduled to be released: 1812-1: Master of the World, 1812 in Russia, Series 3.

So… here is where things are at. Please note, this is a living document that we’ll keep updating. This does not include all of the work on 1812-1s3 completed in parallel with Iberia-1s3, such as layout, color themes, etc… nor is it exhaustive, it is just major sections and milestones that we hope you will easily identify.

1812-1s3 IS SHIPPING!

We have shipped all non-Australian pre-orders as of 19 October 2021 (due to the pandemic shipping to Australia from the US is presently restricted).


Internal proofing began 15 May and external proofing began 21 May.

Proofing is completed as of 17 June and we are moving into production!

Progress Tracker

Section6 March13 March20 March27 March3 April10 April17 April1 May15 May29 May
Last Update: 29 May 2021

Project Stages

While R&D technically is always going on while there is any drafting to do… and can extend into the proofing stage, R&D generally ramps down as drafting ramps up.

Research & DevelopmentComplete
Last Update: 19 October 2021

Introduction (100%)

Political MapComplete (100%)
Historical BackgroundComplete (100%)
Playing the ScenariosComplete (100%)
Theater MapComplete (100%)
Last Update: 31 March 2021

Scenarios (100%)

As in all of these progress sections, the percentage complete is effectively what is ‘as finalized as possible at this stage’, meaning that more may be done – i.e. we aren’t still researching what troops were at a scenario… but if the Order of Battle isn’t formatted and placed in its respective scenario yet, then it isn’t counted as done and counts as incomplete.

Operational Maps (15)Complete (100% finalized)
Historical Text (45)Complete (100% finalized)
Terrain Descriptions (15)Complete (100% finalized)
Battlefield Maps (45)Complete (100% finalized)
Initial Placement (30)Complete (100% finalized)
Victory Conditions (30)Complete (100% finalized)
Orders of Battle (30)Complete (100% finalized)
Last Update: 12 May 2021

Uniform Guide (100%)

Our uniform guides are effectively created in two semi-parallel stages: line art drafting and coloring. We try to frontend load the line art drafting as much as possible during the development of scenarios, but since the units present, i.e. orders of battle, feed the uniform guide, the line art drafting can’t complete while there is flux in the orders of battle. Similarly the coloration stage effectively can’t be done in earnest until the bulk of the orders of battle are frozen as final.

Please note regarding the stats on the uniform guide that all statistics will be in-flux largely until 1812-1s3 goes through final proofing. Basically everything feeds data into the uniform section, so any change elsewhere can change the counts. All numbers provides are therefore effectively estimates.

French751 (Estimated)Completed (100%)
Garde Impériale (120)Completed (100%)
Infanterie (176)Completed (100%)
Cavalerie (441)Completed (100%)
Artillerie (14)Completed (100%)
French Allies1,317 (Estimated)Complete (100%)
Austrian (170)Completed (100%)
Bavarian (249)Completed (100%)
Croatian (22)Completed (100%)
Italian (84)Complete (100%)
Polish (242)Complete (100%)
Portuguese (21)Complete (100%)
Prussian (113)Complete (100%)
Saxon (119)Complete (100%)
Spanish (10)Complete (100%)
Swiss (44)Complete (100%)
Westphalian (150)Complete (100%)
Württemberger (91)Complete (100%)
Russian880 (Estimated)Complete (100%)
Leib-Gvardii (97)Complete (100%)
Infantéryy (418)Complete (100%)
Kavaleriyskiy (333)Complete (100%)
Artilleriya (10)Complete (100%)
Kazachiy (21)Complete (100%)
Total2,983 (Estimated)Complete (100%)
Last Update: 29 May 2021