Neither Lannes nor Vandamme were in a hurry to begin this engagement. Lannes’s light cavalry under Bruyère gave the Austrians a bloody nose in the south but exhausted themselves. From then on, there was a slow deliberateness to their movements. In the north, Vandamme similarly avoided contact until his entire Force was drawn up together.

The Austrian efforts were similarly tepid, wanting to observe a mistake before taking action. Hiller eventually thought he saw an opportunity when Lannes drew up his line over a mile away, but he misjudged the moment resulting in the loss of his Avant Garde and his Light Cavalry Brigade.

By this time Hohenlohe determined he had to breakthrough Vandamme with hopes it would relieve pressure from Hiller. To do this he sent forward Lindeneau’s grenadiers, but held Ulm back. Vandamme coordinated his entire corps against the brave, bearskin-wearing Austrians, and they were repulsed.

The first game at AdeptiCon 2019 ran approximately 13 turns, representing just shy of 4 hours and ran 3 hours of real-time. The French won a clear victory, but players on both sides had a terrific time and received prizes for their participation.

The terrain, rules and miniatures are available through The Wargaming Company, LLC.