Marshal Lannes arrived early and looked over the area, he determined where the battle would take place, and issued the appropriate orders to concentrate his Force on Gelbmitroterdachstadt. Seeing the route of the Hohenlohe’s advance in his sector, he knew it was key to prevent them from capturing the river crossing there and to deny them room to deploy. Meanwhile, Vandamme would move south with his Force to screen off Hiller’s Korps.

What followed around Gelbmitroterdachstadt was nearly a text book assault, accented by bad Austrian luck, and ultimately ending with the complete rout of Ulm’s division. While Lindeneau’s grenadiers were close enough to see the destruction of Ulm’s men, Ulm was not, as he was struck dead by a voltigeur’s musket ball before contact was made.

With Hohenlohe’s Force crippled, the Austrian general used Lindeneau’s grenadiers to stabilize his front so he could withdraw, and Hiller pulled back in parallel. This was a significant French victory, achieved in three hours, representing 4 hours of battle, and lasting 13 turns.

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