Update: 22 March 2022

Wave 1 has shipped as scheduled, all Wave 1 orders were processed from 19-21 March and transferred to USPS on 21 March. All hold over and subsequent orders are being allocated to Wave 2.

Original Announcement

Due to the popularity of ESR Series 3 and its release, we’ve had to begin shipping in waves. This disrupts our usual practice of shipping orders daily. Beginning 18 March, all new orders will be held and allocated to a shipping wave. The first wave is scheduled to ship between 19-21 March. Wave 2 is scheduled to ship 28-30 March. Wave 3 (if necessary) will ship the week of 4 April, following which we intend to resume daily shipment of new orders.

We’re thrilled ESR Series 3 is proving so popular, and thank you for understanding it has required us to adapt our logistics some!