We Are Shipping!

Years in development, 18 weeks in production, ESR Napoleonics: Et sans résultat! Series 3 is beginning to ship today, ten days ahead of schedule!

We are overwhelmed by interest and demand for ESR Series 3!

Due to such high demand, and our release event schedule, we have had to divide shipments into waves. Beginning last Friday we halted our usual daily shipments to address the logistics of managing the large increase in volume and have broken fulfillment into waves.


We’d said we were targeting to release ESR Series 3 at AdeptiCon 2022 and indeed we are!

The first public games of ESR Series 3 will begin Thursday at AdeptiCon! Gamer slots filled in 17 minutes. Any open seats will be filled from the official AdeptiCon waitlist before we open it up to any generic event ticket holders but even if you’re just showing up to watch, learn, and ask questions, we’re thrilled to have you.

We will have ESR Series 3, our ESR Campaign Guides, and limited stock of ESR Command Cards and ESR Stat Cards & Order Packs available.

Wave 1

The first wave will include most domestic and international orders, approximately two-thirds of all pre-orders. Wave 1 includes:

  • Most US orders of single or multiple rulebooks, and those containing ESR Command Decks.
  • Most international orders containing single or multiple rulebooks, ESR Campaign Guides, and ESR Command Decks.

With a few exception, these shipment notifications went out over the weekend and will be “in the mail” later today.

Waves 2 & 3

We intend to ship the majority of the remaining orders in a second wave between 28-29 March. If necessary, any hold over orders will begin shipping 5 April when we return to our normal daily shipping. Wave 2 will include:

  • A minority of US domestic orders.
  • A minority of international orders.
  • All orders containing ESR Stat Cards & Order Packs

Orders containing ESR Stat Cards & Order Packs are slated for wave two due to a supply backlog. As a supplier became unavailable in the last phase of production we had to shift our supply chain program to compensate. We believe we’ll be able to have the majority, if not all, of the orders containing ESR Stat Cards & Order Packs shipping between 28-29 March (Wave 2), and any which do not should be processed the following week (Wave 3). We anticipate resuming our regular schedule of shipping orders the same or following business day the week of 4 April.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, though we ask that you understand we have a ‘couple of things’ going on and are likely to take more than the normal 24 hours to respond.