Wave One is away. Wave Two begins.

All wave one orders shipped 21 March (ten days ahead of original launch date).

Wave two shipping has commenced. We are presently shipping:

  • ESR Series 3 Rulebooks & Campaign Guides
  • ESR Command Decks
  • Orders containing ESR Stats & Orders Packs are constrained and we are processing them in the order received as quickly as possible

We will be continuing to process wave two orders through tomorrow (30 March).

Wave Three Awaits

Wave three shipping is scheduled to commence on 4-5 April.

Wave three will be comprised of all orders received post-shipment 30 March and all orders containing ESR Stats & Orders Packs which we have not yet been able to fulfill.

What’s Up with the Prioritization?

Due to higher than anticipated demand and reduced supplier availability we have not been able to procure the Directive, Status, and Objective markers fast enough to catch up with demand for ESR Stats & Orders Packs. We’d previously indicated this could be an issue and we anticipated being able to catch up to demand the week of 4 April if not before. We currently remain confident that all existing pre-orders will be processed by that time and we hope that by that time we are able to return to shipping new orders which contain ESR Stats & Orders Packs daily.

ESR Series 3 Rulebooks, Campaign Guides, and Commander Decks are not constrained and are shipping as soon as possible in each designated wave.

Are There Are Factors?

Yes. While availability of ESR Stats & Orders Packs are the primary driver of prioritization to ensure we ship such orders as quickly as possible in the order they were received, we are dealing with other factors as well. Aware of the shortage of shipping boxes in the supply channel prior to release we stocked up beyond normal levels to ensure we could ship our normal volume + all anticipated pre-orders + X. Turns out, X was not large enough. We are presently sourcing additional shipping boxes which are scheduled to arrive in time for the start of wave three shipments. This may cause a small number of orders to be bumped into wave three.