• Upgrade to ESR Series 3
    Owners of ESR Second Edition who received* a copy of CPG-1: Et sans résultat! Second Edition The Complete Player’s Guide since December 2018 may be eligible for special pricing when upgrading to ESR Napoleonics: Et sans résultat! Series 3. Until 31 March 2022 players of ESR Second Edition with an … Read moreRead More →
  • ESR Series 3 Upgrade Pricing FAQ
    What’s the cost to upgrade from ESR Second Edition to ESR Series 3? If you upgrade before 31 March 2022 with an eligible Upgrade Code the cost is $10.00 (plus shipping and any applicable taxes…). If you upgrade after 31 March 2022, $19.00 (again, plus shipping and potentially taxes). If … Read moreRead More →
  • ESR Series 3 Introductory Pricing
    In addition to Upgrade Pricing for past customers we are also offering ESR Napoleonics Series 3 to everyone at an introductory price of $19.00 USD + shipping and applicable taxes for all orders through 31 March 2022. That’s it. $19 plus shipping (and taxes if they apply). And if you … Read moreRead More →