Get your ESR Napoleonics Miniatures questions answered here.

Last Updated: 1 February 2022

When will ESR Napoleonics Miniatures start shipping? i.e. when is release?

We’re targeting for AdeptiCon 2022 (23-27 March), but as we noted in our original announcement and in various interviews… supply chains are a funny thing these days so while that is our target, it is not something we can make a hard promise on.

When can I pre-order ESR Miniatures?

As soon as we feel certain that we won’t be forced to delay our release date we will make pre-orders available. We don’t want to collect your money and then have to delay, the pandemic has made a lot of companies do that (including us admittedly) and we’re determined not to repeat it.

What scale will the ESR Napoleonics Miniatures line be?

1:160 scale, commonly referred to as “10mm” because that is the approximate measurement from the sole of the foot to the eye line of a standing foot figure.

Will ESR Napoleonics Miniatures be compatible with other 10mm lines (including the previous ESR Box Sets)?

Largely yes, obviously this is really subjective, but we’ve worked to ensure that our new ESR Miniatures won’t look awkward or strange when used on the same table as the miniatures previously used in our ESR Box Sets.

Will ESR Miniatures be compatible with 12.5 or 13.5mm miniatures?

Nope. We’re trying to make the hobby more accessible, not fracture it farther.

What nationalities are first?

Well… if you look at the previews you can see at least three, guesses who they are? 😉 But you’d be smart to guess you’ll see the major nationalities featured in our ESR Campaign Guides.

How often will there be releases?

That really comes down to supply chain and production constraints. We have a wide range of sculpts prepared and queued from several nationalities.

How is the ESR Napoleonics line being sculpted?

The entire line is being digitally sculpted.

When you say “plastic” do you mean 3D printed?


Will the miniatures come on a sprue or strip? They look individually sculpted.

All of our ESR Napoleonics Miniatures are sculpted as individual figures and intended to be based as such. Pending final production considerations you should expect them to come on sprues or short strips which they can be easily removed from.

Will ESR Miniatures be sold in box sets or a la carte?

Our primary focus is ESR Box Sets that include the correct proportions and everything you’ll to play ESR Napoleonics Series 3 but for paint and glue, i.e. flags, figures, bases, all included in the numbers you’ll need. With that said, we’d like to also offer a la carte selections but it will ultimately depend on production efficiencies.

Where will I be able to obtain ESR Miniatures?

Well, from The Wargaming Company Online Store of course…

What about those of us overseas or across borders who want to buy ESR Miniatures but are deterred by international shipping costs?

International shipping costs really suck right now, they’ve gone up 2-3x in the last 24 months and we know it really hurts our international customers – that’s a large part behind why we dropped the price of ESR Napoleonics Series 3 from $60 to $29 (and $19 during pre-order). With that in mind we’re hoping to offer our ESR Miniatures line through resellers in each the Canada, UK, EU, and Australia, but we can’t talk details about that until it is arranged.