We’re thrilled to announce we’re launching ESR Miniatures at Historicon 2023!

Historicon is the Historical Miniature Gaming Society’s (HMGS) premiere game convention, focused on historical miniatures gaming, but also including Sci-Fi and fantasy games, as well as tournaments.

We attend Historicon as both an exhibitor and game sponsor, and as always, we’ll deliver your orders free of charge, to the convention for pickup!

The Historicon 2023 Preliminary Events List (PEL) is posted!

Dates:19 to 23 July 2023
Location:Lancaster County Convention Center
Lancaster PA
Introductory ESR Games:Thursday 2PM – FULL
Friday 10AM – FULL
Friday 2PM – FULL
Saturday 10AM – FULL
Saturday 2PM – FULL
Official Site:Historicon

Contact us to be placed on a waiting list for openings during the convention.

Find Painting 10mm Intimidating? HMGS Hobby-U Can Help!

Dates:20 and 21 July 2023
Location:Lancaster County Convention Center
Lancaster PA
Army Painting ClassesHU915 – Thursday 7:30PM – Space Available
HU930 – Friday 7:30PM – Space Available
Official Site:Historicon

You’ll learn techniques to paint to paint a ten figure Unit of Napoleonic French infantry during the two hour class and get to keep your painted battalion of ESR Miniatures!