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[Solved] Roads and routes from Elchingen

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Austrian briefing (right after Mack's rambling) says "the roads north and east are not friendly routes to leave by, any retreat must be southwest or west". If the compass indicator is accurate, there is no road to the southwest, just one to the west. The victory conditions speak of keeping the two routes to Ulm open, but one of those routes is to the north, and is not friendly to leave by, so why keep it open?. Is the compass wrong, is the Austrian briefing wrong, or am I missing something?

-Yahoo Group, 7/24/17

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The compass and the briefing are accurate. The goal of the Austrians is to protect the two roads that are labeled as being routes to Ulm. However, if the Austrians begin to retreat [RT], break [BK], etc… they must move to the west & southwest.