Between back-to-back conventions we had the opportunity to participate in an introductory game of ESR Napoleonics with the writer of the Kabinettskriege Blog which focuses on 18th century warfare. The ran for between perhaps 15-18 turns (we lost track as we closed in on 15), and represented about 5-6 hours of battle.

Each side ran a corps of approximately 20-22,000 men with about two dozen canon per side. The game was staged in a fictional 1809 context with the French and Austrians dueling over security of the vacinity around a river crossing. The game was run at 1″=150 yards using miniatures from the ESR Napoleonics Box Set line and terrain from Leven and Battlescale. The French fate was sealed when they did not adapt their plan after their 3rd Division was held off for over two hours, first by delays, then by Austrian hussars. Failure to immediately push forward ceased the initiative to the Austrians who boxed them in, the tardy 3rd Division became a relief effort instead of a strike force.