Vandamme setup a defensive position along a ridge above a sprawling village with his light cavalry joining his two small brigades. There he sat, waiting for the Austrians to come on. North of him, Lannes immediately deployed before crossing the small tributary flowing north to the Danube. He swung Saint Sulpice’s heavy cavalry out to his right flank. Once across the stream, Lannes too halted as he watched the Austrians begin to pour forward.

The game ran approximately 3 hours, playing 12 turns, representing 4 hours of battle time.

About two and a half miles east, Hohenlohe and Hiller moved up in two wings. Hiller led with Vincent’s hussar brigade, which arrayed on his right, and in parallel, his avantgarde brigade on his left. His lone line infantry division bringing up the rear and center. Hohenlohe moved north of the crossroads, completely independently of Hiller and without maintaining any connection between the two korps, keeping Ulm’s infantry division with its attached cavalry squadrons to his right.

Ultimately, the Austrian deployment would decide the game, while Lannes held on the French left, Vandamme pushed forward before Hiller was entirely prepared, and just as he was able to bring his infantry division online, Lannes exploited the gap between the two Austrian Forces and sent Saint Sulpice’s cuirassiers charging into Hiller’s right flank.