In a sort of strangely reversed mirror of the previous match, Hiller moved forward alone with the expectation that Hohenlohe would do similarly to meet him. In the event, Hohenlohe showed no particular interest in advancing however, and setup a largely defensive disposition around his bridgehead.

With the two Austrian korps separated by a good two miles, Vandamme decided to see about earning a marshal’s baton and took it upon himself to surround and destroy Hiller’s Force. Hiller’s misplaced faith in Hohenlohe’s support enabled Vandamme’s plan, but not to be left uninvolved, Lannes determined that after he had pushed Hohenlohe back a safe distance, he could afford to commit St. Sulpice’s Cuirassier Division into Hiller’s rear.

The near complete destruction of Hiller’s Korps occurred over approximately 15 turns, representing five hours of battle, playing out in just over three hours. Rules, miniatures, and terrain are all available from The Wargaming Company.