With the release of ESR Series 3 we thought it would be appropriate to provide an outline of what support is available for ESR Second Edition productions that we previously published and many players have.

What products are considered part of “ESR Second Edition”?

All printings of Et sans résultat! Second Edition rulebooks, both The Essential Player’s Guide and The Complete Player’s Guide which were published from 2016-2021 in a softcover coil bound format.

All printings of ESR Campaign Guides published from 2016-2021 in a softcover coil bound format.

Where can I find a summary of ESR publications, what edition they are from, and what their support status is?

Fancy you should ask, we’ve published an article providing exactly that.

Are ESR 2nd Edition products still supported now that Series 3 is out?

Yes, but it is limited. Limited support means that we’ll continue to make efforts to answer questions and inquiries about it and new products may be compatible with it, but that compatibility is not guaranteed, we are no longer publishing errata for it, and we aren’t developing new products with it in mind.

Are the “old” 2nd Ed. ESR Campaign Guides compatible with the new ESR Series 3?

Short answer: Yes but there are caveats.

Long answer (i.e. caveats): You will have to tweak a couple things, the biggest is the Commander & Unit Stats which you can find via either our various Stat Cards or via free summary downloads.

Will the 2nd Ed. ESR Campaign Guides all get replaced with Series 3 versions?

Yes. So far we’ve released Series 3 Editions of both Master of the World (which now includes the additional content from Didn’t Dare Do Anything) and To Assure My Dynasty. We intend to release Series 3 editions of more of our ‘back catalog’ as time goes on but each one takes a lot of work even when we have an existing base to work from so we can’t do it as fast as we’d like, but it is in the works.

Will there be downloadable “updates” for the 2nd Ed. Campaign Guides to make them like the Series 3 Editions?

The Series 3 Editions of the ESR Campaign Guides are a massive upgrade. We can’t possibly replace all of the orders of battle, maps, text content, and expanded Uniform Guides – all of which have been substantially updated, expanded, and improved – without replacing the entire book, so unfortunately no.