The Quick Reference Guide for ESR Series 3 is a small change and a huge change all at once.

What’s the Same?

The Quick Reference Guide is still available for for free download.

The Quick Reference Guide is still color-coded and organized by the phases of the turn: Command is blue, Movement is green, Combat is red; and is presented in that order for easy reference during game play.

Each table is also still laid out from top to bottom in the same order as before:

  1. The title of the table.
  2. When the table is used or a summary of the procedure to use it.
  3. The modifiers applicable to the mechanic.
  4. The results.
  5. Notes about application of the results or explanations.

What’s Changed?

The size. The Quick Reference Guide is now half its former size, only half a sheet of paper (double-sided).

This was accomplished in two ways:

  1. Many results can now be read from the die roll result instead of a long list.
  2. Some stats (such as movement rates) have been moved* to the ESR Stat Cards.

*We will also be publishing ‘expanded’ Quick Reference Guides which include movement rates and ranged for various ground scales.