At Fall-In! 2019 the last game of the convention was our ESR GM Game where the game masters who ran our ESR games for Fall-In! got to play. Unfortunately one was unavailable, which means David, the lead designer of ESR, had to step in to fill the spot. Once upon a time friend and fellow designer had given him sage advice: Never play your own game, you’ll always lose.

Vandamme’s corps marched proudly onto the northern end of the battlefield, knowing that Marmont was en route to him and just six short miles away. The French had concocted a cunning plan: because the battlefield was large, and because their Army was entering along a wide front, Vandamme would arrive and setup as a salient to hold the Russians in the north, while Marmont would screen the Austrians in the south and march to meet him. With their combined Forces they could overwhelm each of the Allies in turn.

Nope. Not gonna happen, well maybe… kinda gonna happen?

The Allies had a different plan: Beat Vandamme. Completely ignoring Marmont’s march, both Austrian and Russian entered the battlefield north of center and advanced directly against the single French Force.

Which plan won out? Well… the French can claim victory because of Marmont’s Austrian-shattering attack, but Vandamme’s corps was left a mess, with multiple broken and retreating divisions.