In the first rematch between the French and Austrians, disaster struck, and it showed no mercy to Hohenlohe’s ArmeeKorps.

Lannes and Hiller both arrived at the south end of the field and began an extended staring match after Bruyère’s hussars and chasseurs à cheval bounced off of Radetzky’s fresh infantry. Both continued to concentrate, but neither was willing to just pitch forward.

But the real action occurred on the front between Hohenlohe and Bernadotte. Ulm’s division arrived just outside the crossroads at the same time as Houssaye’s Dragoon Division. Without orders to attack, Ulm held back and observed. Houssaye, similarly directly not to engage, continued his march, deploying the 28eme Dragons to cover his flank and rear as he moved laterally across the front of Ulm.

As Houssaye continued his flank march to Windmill Hill, Bernadotte brought forward Marulaz and Ricard. Ricard pinned Ulm’s division in place while Marulaz extended around the Austrian left. This both prevented Hohenlohe from connecting with Hiller, but also penned in the rest of Hohenlohe’s ArmeeKorps, denying the Austrians room to bring up and deploy Lindeneau’s Grenadier Division. As the French infantry pressed forward, Houssaye’s dragoons swung into the Austrian rear. Over the next painful hour Ulm’s division collapsed. Lindeneau’s grenadiers put up a hard fight, despite being hit in both the front and rear, but eventually were compelled to retreat. With Hohenlohe’s entire Force routing, Hiller was left with few options. The Austrian defeat was sealed.