The French opened the battle in the north by immediately seizing the initiative, risking their only cavalry to buy a forward position to deploy while simultaneously denying it to Hohenlohe’s Korps. By doing so, Lannes separated Hohenlohe’s two divisions and was able to prevent them from ever reconnecting.

In the south, Hiller pushed Nordmann’s Avant Garde into an open plain, looking to secure the central town and control the apex of the battlefield – this would ultimately allow he and Hohenlohe to connect. But in the event, Vandamme was able to consolidate his two division against the isolated Austrian Avant Garde while Hiller struggled to get his supporting Formations into position in time.

With Ulm’s division beaten, Hohenlohe had to break-off his grenadiers attack against Morand or risk Lannes isolating and flanking them with his cavalry – as well as losing control of his line of retreat. Meanwhile Hiller’s Korps in the was in a bad place, his cavalry defeated in detail, his Avant Garde broken, and his infantry division soon to be surrounded; it was nearly every man for himself for the Austrians in the south.

The game played out over a dozen turns, representing approximately four and a half hours of battle in less than three hours. All rules, terrain, and miniatures, are available in our online store.