If You Bring ’em, You Can Play ’em!

Want to lead your *own* Army into battle?
At Fall-In 2019, YOU CAN! 

The Wargaming Company will be running a series of ESR Napoleonics games at Historicon, and if you want, you can use YOUR OWN ARMIES!


Paint, base, and prepare your Army.

Sign-up for an ESR Napoleonics game sponsored by TWC at Fall-In 2019.

Submit the details of your Army to TWC.

Lead your miniature men to VICTORY!


‘Loaner Armies’ will be available from TWC, bringing your own is NOT REQUIRED.

All Armies must be 1:160 scale (aka 10mm).
All Armies must be based as ESR Box Sets (standard Units on 30x30mm bases).
All Armies must be ‘Finished’ i.e. painted and based, including terrained bases.
Miniatures from ESR Box Sets are strongly encouraged but ‘foreign mercenaries’ from other brands are allowed so long as they are ‘finished’; painted and based.

For all the details, checkout the Guidelines and FAQ!