We’re not just introducing a new Napoleonic line, or a new 10mm Napoleonic line, or a new (the first?) plastic 10mm Napoleonic line.

We’re introducing the most complete physical Napoleonic miniatures line available in any scale or material, in the highest detail available under 28mm.

Fully digitally sculpted, mastered as high resolution 3D prints, and produced in thermocast plastic.

We’ve developed over 500 unique models for 15 factions even covering sub-eras like Early War French in bicorns, Austrians in both helmets and shakos, old and new army Spanish, etc… And there’s a lot more to come. While starting production has been a long process, we’ve never paused expansion of the line and still have a lot, a lot, we plan to yet develop.

Early War French Infanterie de Ligne
Early-Mid War Spanish Cazadores

We’ll be posting previews of what are releasing as well as what will be coming soon.

But the devil is in production. Despite having a large pool of miniatures ready for production, production doesn’t happen overnight, so we will be doing a series of rolling releases to make as much available as quickly as possible.

We’re starting with French & Russian Force Packs.

Each pack contains an entire Mid War corps of two infantry divisions each with light infantry battalions, their full artillery compliments, and engineering companies, coupled with a brigade of cavalry, appropriate generals, and train vehicles for Reformation Areas.

And just like you’d expect, flags and bases are included.

This is only the beginning…