In ESR Series 3 we’ve simplified the tracking of Fatigue, increased the speed Formations recover Fatigue, and introduced the Fatigue-to-Cohesion Ratio. These changes from ESR Second Edition make Fatigue faster, easier, and more uniform.

Tracking Fatigue

Instead of tracking Fatigue by each class (Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery), players now only track a single Fatigue level for each Formation. This can easily be done on a Formation’s Stat Card, a paper roster sheet, or even on the tabletop with a die.

Recovering Fatigue

Formations now recover one Fatigue per turn so long as they are not Threatened by the enemy, making them more resilient and their participation in the battle more fluid than ESR Second Edition.

Fatigue-to-Cohesion Ratio

With the introduction of Cohesion in ESR Series 3, we’ve also made the impact of Fatigue proportional by linking its impact to the amount of Cohesion a Formation has. Thus, unlike in ESR Second Edition, larger Formations remain responsive and combat effective longer than smaller ones.