We’re introducing the most complete physical Napoleonic miniatures line available in any scale or material, in the highest detail available under 28mm.

All the detail. On a 10mm miniature.

French Ligne Sapeur painted by Daniel Moreno


The thermocast plastic resin used in SiOCAST production can be painted without priming. So whether you are a gamer who uses a rattle can in your yard or an airbrush in your home, you now have the option to paint your latest acquisition straight out of the box. Painting with Speed Paints™ or Contrast Paints™? Follow your normal priming regimen. Nothing is harmed by priming like you always have, so paint the way you find most successful – just keep any priming layer thin and even to avoid masking any of the fine details.

Notice the few and distinct vent traces are easy to remove and the almost complete lack of flash on the figures. These traits allow you to paint nearly without prep, right out of the box.

What color do I paint that?

Ever look at a miniature and wonder: “What is that item and how should it be painted?” It isn’t depicted in your painting guide because the people who made your painting guide aren’t the same people who made your miniatures. Don’t wonder. Each ESR Miniature is digitally sculpted based on the same uniform images provided in our ESR Campaign Guides. If the miniature has a canteen or a haversack, you can bet we depicted that detail in our Campaign Guide as well.

Which Figure is that Miniature?

Napoleonic uniforms are confusing. There are lots of them and lots of variations of each one. ESR Campaign Guides help with that a lot but you still have to know which miniature you’re holding in your hand. Thankfully ESR Miniatures are delivered to you on a sprue. This makes it easy to identify each sculpt just from its relative position.

If you normally temporarily mount your figures on sticks or another sprue for painting, consider painting ESR Miniatures right on their sprue before cutting them free for basing.

So Much Detail.

Do you have to paint all the detail? Of course not. These are your miniatures, paint them as pleases you for your hobby. But if the detail wasn’t there, you wouldn’t have the option.

And wow. The results you can produce.

All figures shown here painted by Daniel Moreno.