Want to lead your own miniature Army in an ESR Napoleonics game at a convention? You can!


STEP 1: Pick a Core Box

Choose a Core Box to form the basis of your Force. We recommend any of the following:

  • Austrian Early-Mid War ArmeeKorps
  • Austrian Mid-Late War ArmeeKorps
  • French Mid-Late War Corps d’armée
  • Prussian Mid-Late War ArmeeKorps
  • Russian Mid-Late War Infantry Corps

STEP 2: Add Attachments & Reinforcements

You may add up to two Attachments to your Core Box. Alternatively, you may add one Attachment and one Reinforcement. If you chose a Starter Box as your Core Box you may choose an additional Attachment.

STEP 3: Paint & Assemble Your Army!

Only painted and based Forces can be used in our convention games, so if you haven’t already started, GET CRANKING!

STEP 4: Submit Your Force

Fill out the form to submit the Force you’re bringing to the convention. We’ll do the work of creating rosters/stat sheets for your reference during game play. It will also help to avoid “blue vs blue” as much as possible.


What is this?

At conventions we run ESR Napoleonics games and players can bring and lead their own Forces on the tabletop!

Do I have to bring my own miniatures to play?

Nope. We’ll have Austrian, French, Prussian, and Russian loaner Forces available. If you’re signing up for an ESR game and not bringing your own Force, please let us know (by submitting this form) just so we can plan.

Is this an ESR Tournament?

No, these are introductory games to help new players learn ESR Napoleonics. We’re just adding some color by giving new players a motivation to get their Forces painted.

How does it work?

Can I register for more than on ESR game?

Sure! We offer lots of player slots so there should be plenty of room. Just be mindful not to signup for overlapping games!

Can I run a different Force at each game?

If you sign-up to play in multiple games and you want to bring a different Force for each, that is completely fine. Just make sure to submit each of them (fill out the form once for each) and tell us which you intend to use for each game.

So are these still learning games?

Each game session is labeled:

  • Intro/Beginner: The rules will be taught and questions will be answered. If you’ve never played or maybe played once but still learning, this is for you.
  • Intermediate/Advanced: We’ll be answering question but not teaching the rules. You should feel generally comfortably with to join these games.
  • Expert: These scenarios are difficult, large, or both. Players should be well versed in the rules and able to play with only occasional questions.

I have Napoleonics but not ESR Box Sets… can I play?


Yes. The requirements for using “mercenary brands” of miniatures  are simply that they are compatible with our ESR Box Sets:

  • Miniatures must be painted and based.
  • Miniatures must be 10mm (1:160 scale).
  • Miniatures must be based on roughly 30x30mm bases (this does not need to be exact, but the closer the better to ensure compatibility).
  • Each infantry division, cavalry brigade (or division), and artillery reserve requires a “Reformation Area” marker, typically a wagon or caisson to mark the rear area of each Formation. This can also be a small diorama as simple or elaborate as you desire to illustrate a rear area: wounded, camp followers & stragglers, supplies, etc…

If I’m bringing “Mercenary Brands”, how do I organize them?

The most straight forward way to organize your 3rd-party Force is to checkout our ESR Box Sets and copy their composition. But here are some brief guidelines to get you started:

  • A corps/Force Commander.
  • 2-3 Division sized Formations of infantry, each 8-12 battalions (stands) with 1-2 6-pdr artillery batteries (stands).
  • 1 Brigade sized Formation of cavalry, 3-6 squadron groups (stands).
  • 1 Division sized Formation of cavalry, 6-9 squadron groups (stands), with or without 1 6-pdr artillery battery (stand).

Each of these elements require a Formation Commander and a Reformation Area. Limbers for the artillery are *strongly encouraged*. The typical Force will have 3-4 Formations.

No Guard troops. Austrian and Russian Grenadier Divisions are OK (max of one per Force). Cuirassier Divisions are OK (max of one per Force). But nothing more elite than that.

If I’m bringing “Mercenary Brands” do I still need to submit my Force?

YES. Please, by all means, submit your Force so that we can create the appropriate rosters/stat sheets, as well as ensure games are not horribly unbalanced.

Are these going to be “balanced” games?

Intro/Beginner games and intermediate games are the most balanced. Advanced and Expert games may not be.

Can I bring the Guard?

Nope. No Guard troops of any nationality. Grenadier Divisions are OK (max of one per Force). Cuirassier Divisions are OK (max of one per Force). But nothing more elite than that.

What about Napoleon?

Not this time. Besides, we know Napoleon isn’t present, the Guard isn’t here. And we know the Guard isn’t here because Napoleon isn’t present ;-). Similar goes for Blücher, Wellington, Charles, etc…

What if I still have questions?

Just write us and ask!