ESR Napoleonics can be played with any scale miniatures, based in nearly any way, and played at nearly any ground scale. These examples are the recommended basing for our ESR Box Sets which offer 1:160 scale (aka 10mm) miniatures and are configured for the 1″=150 yard ground scale.

If you are playing ESR Napoleonics with an existing miniatures collection at a different ground scale, checkout the Recommended Basing section of ESR’s Introduction.

Force Commanders

Force Commanders are based with two staff officers.

Formation Commanders

Formation Commanders are represented by a single figure affixed to the center of their base.


Infantry are recommended to be based in two ranks at the rear of their base to indicate they control an area ahead of the battalion the distance of the base.


Cavalry are based in the center of their base.


Artillery are based on two stands: the gun crew and artillery piece, and the limber with horse teams.

Reformation Areas

Reformation Area vehicles are based with their horse teams.