In a curious turn of events the Austrians arrived from the south and west while the French approached from the north and east. With a battlefield of approximately five by nine miles, the opposing Armies had to quickly decide if they would attempt to fight two parallel battles or consolidate their Forces.

The French gain early in the south when Bruyère and Claparède make great gains, but the arrival of elite Austrian reinforcements prevent exploitation by Demont and Vandamme’s plan is foiled. Bruyère’s cavalry is exhausted, Claparède’s infantry are nearly a wreck from defeating Ulm.

Meanwhile in the north, Lannes realizes the Austrians are moving the capture the dominant heights and pushes Morand against them, but in the race to bring up support, the veteran Commander is turned back, and Lannes has not prepared a second line to continue pressing. The Austrians have held on both fronts and convinced the French to pull back along the entire line. While Ulm’s sacrifice in the south was painful, it will allow Hiller and Hohenlohe to each argue they were the hero to seize this victory for the Austrian Army.

The game features all rules, terrain, and miniatures available on our online store. It ran approximately three hours after a ~15-20 minute briefing for players to get started.