The expected battle changed significantly when the Austrian’s southern ArmeeKorps, led by Hiller, turned rapidly northward. Klenau’s men were rushing across the bridge to gain the high ground as French corps under Lannes and Bernadotte advanced.

A bitter fight between French dragoons and Austrian hussars erupted in the center of the field as the dashing Austrians sought to neutralize the heavier French horse and prevent them from intervening in Hiller’s northward march.

The gamble did not work as well as desired, and Hiller was forced to deploy his infantry along his line of march to try and hold the left flank of the Austrian line against Bernadotte. Despite this setback to the Austrian Empire, Klenau was able to secure his bridgehead in the north, forming a crescent around Lannes’s determined advance; like the body forming a cyst around a wound.

Unfortunately, despite Klenau’s efforts, today was not the day Bernadotte would act indecisively and the pressure in the south drove back Hiller’s avant garde, and made good progress against his infantry. The Austrians would be forced to withdraw, though in good order.

The game was played in just over three hours on a 5×7 mile battlefield at 1″=150 yards using ESR Napoleonics Second Edition. Nearly all terrain and all the miniatures are available from our Online Store including the new Static Grass Game Mat!