The worldwide pandemic has required a lot of businesses to close, at least temporarily. Fortunately, Nappy the Pen-Gin™ at The Wargaming Company, LLC is able to keep waddling along with his penguin crew. We’re shipping orders daily, replying to customer correspondence – and continuing work on upcoming releases.

With the spring convention season of 2020 cancelled, there’s a real concern that all of the excitement and focus on gaming and hobbies that normally starts off the year will be lost. But this also has to be balanced with real concerns about the health and safety of our fellow gamers.

As a small shop, The Wargaming Company has been able to continue most operations while following the state mandates and national guidelines for this crisis. We appreciate your business during this trying time, and we want to remind you to stay healthy and safe, not just for your own good, but that of your fellow gamer.