The players at our first ESR game at AdeptiCon 2018 took our advice very literally: Kick the tires, do silly things, get yourself into trouble and see how the rules work. And that they did.

The game lasted approximately 2.5 hours and ran 15 turns.

The French left crossed the river at a small village and setup a defensive position on the slope behind a walled villa. However, the French right decided to rush forward, ford the river with their heavy cavalry and infantry, in the face of an Austrian Korps which had led with its grenadier division. The Austrian grenadiers turned left abruptly at the river and caught the French while they were still attempting to cross. Effectively pinned and outflanked, the French infantry division crumbled, while their cuirassiers made a desperate but ultimately unsuccessful charge.

Getting back to the French left, the Austrians managed to steal the initiative on the French, pinning their lead infantry division frontally and flanking it with a brigade of hussars. The supporting French infantry division managed to hold the river crossing and provide a rear guard, but the game was definitely an Austrian victory.

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