Todd Pressley of HMGS, Inc’s Hobby University has developed a series of ‘How-To’ painting classes to help fledgling ESR Napoleonics gamers – and those just nervous about taking on a new and unfamiliar scale – get started painting 10mm Napoleonics.

These classes are commonly offered at HMGS, Inc. conventions such as Cold Wars, Historicon, and Fall-In! FREE OF CHARGE! And we strongly encourage you to take advantage of them as you are able.

Knowing that the internet is larger than any convention, Todd has also provided The Wargaming Company with his class handouts and granted us permission for us to share them with you here. We are providing them first in the form of dedicated pages on our site, but plan to subsequently post them as PDFs as well for your convenience. Please understand that these files remain the property of the author, but may be downloaded, viewed, and printed for personal, non-commercial use.