Both sides took an aggressive stance in our second game at AdeptiCon. On the French right there was significant early success, as the French send their cuirassier division charging directly into an Austrian division that had not yet deployed from its road column. The Austrian infantry was nearly swept from the field as it fell back through a wood and found safety behind its sister grenadier division. This caused a moment of pause on both sides as the French cuirassiers had no interest in hitting the fresh Austrian grenadiers or charging wildly through a heavy wood. The Austrians regrouped and the French brought forward an infantry division to press the attack.

The game ran approximately 12 turns and took just over two hours.

On the other end of the field, both sides raced for a small defile between the river and a heavy wood. Reaching it at almost the same time, both sides deployed. The Austrians threw their hussars across the bridge to try and hold up the second French infantry division from crossing as long as possible while their infantry deployed to block the defile. A heavy skirmish ensued, followed by the Austrians giving ground. The French commander saw his opportuity and committed his light cavalry against the nearly broken Austrians to ensure their defeat.

Meanwhile, the French had renewed their assault against the grenadiers but found them a hard target and were driven back in terrible order. The cuirassiers found themselves covering the withdrawal of the broken infantry instead of riding down their disordered opponents.

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