ESR Napoleonics: Et sans résultat! Series 3

Top of everyone’s mind is: When will we see ESR Series 3?!?! It has been a rough ride but ESR Series 3 is on-schedule to ship worldwide on 31 March.

There have been significant production issues in getting ESR Series 3 printed. Ten days ago we thought we’d be sending you shipping notifications today, but then we were notified a production error damaged the entire run. The printer remains incredibly backlogged (ESR Series 3 was submitted to the printer on 31 October, 18 weeks ago) but they are prioritizing the job due to their screwup and we believe we’re still on-track to ship by 31 March.

You can order now. Remember, Intro pricing ends 31 March and Upgrade Codes are valid until 31 December 2022.

ESR at AdeptiCon 2022: Only Days Away!

There are nine introductory game events scheduled for AdeptiCon, all being run in our exhibitor booth (#609). Our events sold out in 17 minutes! So we know you are all thrilled to see what is coming in ESR Series 3. Come by and check it out, watch a game and find out what’s happening. We’ll also be looking to fill any no-shows (AdeptiCon generic ticket holders will get the first option to fill any no-show spots).

We’re working very hard to make sure that we have ESR Series 3 available for AdeptiCon 2022. It is going to come down to the wire, but we’re doing our absolute best and the printer is working to meet us.

Don’t forget we offer free delivery to the convention!

ESR Card Decks

Our ESR Command Decks for the French, English, and Russian factions are proving really popular. The decks started arriving here yesterday and look terrific!

We’re also thrilled to announce ESR Stat Cards & Orders Packs providing Formation Stat Cards along with Objective, Directive, and Status Markers for the French, English, and Russian factions. Each one contains enough Stat Cards and markers for 2-3 players. ESR Stat Card & Order Packs are available for pre-order now and will ship with ESR Series 3.

ESR Miniatures

We’re thrilled at the interest in our new ESR Napoleonics Miniatures, and we’ll have previews of them available to see “in the flesh” (and in resin, and in metal, and in plastic) at AdeptiCon!

This might be is the most exciting thing we’ve done, and while it is taking longer than we wanted to have production staged and ramped, development continues widening the product line.

Remember you can continue to see previews of what is coming at ESR Miniatures Central.

ESR Campaign Guides

The last twelve months we have been fighting printer backlogs as production times for our ESR Campaign Guides grew from 30-45 days to 6-8 weeks, to 12 weeks, to 16 weeks… and now we are awaiting delivery of ESR Series 3 after 18 weeks. Developing each ESR Campaign Guide takes significant time and resources devoted to the research, writing, and illustrating of the material – and as demonstrated by our effort to move to the new Series 3 format, that alone can take substantial time and dedication – before anything is sent to press. When press times hit 16+ weeks, it became evident that rushing development was not practical since even after a book was developed there would be a 4-5 month lag before we could expect to begin shipping it to customers.

Thankfully we have found additional printer options that can take future jobs and turn them at a faster rate, so we believe we’ll be able to return to publishing our ESR Campaign Guide Series this year at a more suitable rate. We’ll update you once we’ve over the hump of our other pending releases!