ESR is a grand tactical Napoleonics wargame that is fast paced and decisive. Players will control a corps of 2-4 elements, and make decisions almost exclusively about divisions, while lower level tactics are abstracted.

If you see the battlefield as the senior commanders did, ESR is your game. Players are encouraged to review our Tutorials to become familiar with game play. Rules will be taught, questions will be answered.

NOTE: The Emperor’s Birthday 2019 is sponsored by the Napoleonic Historical Society and there will be an entry fee charged at the door by the Napoleonic Historical Society. Other games will also be offered at the event using other Napoleonic game systems, sign-up for those games is being offered on-site.

24 August 2019, doors open at 7AM and the hall closes at midnight.

Melton Hall at Trinity College
2065 Half Day Road, Bannockburn, IL 60015