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[Sticky] Don't advocate competing products.

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Please understand that there is a difference between mentioning competing products and advocating them:

  • "I'm using [Brand X product] in my next ESR Napoleonics project." – totally cool
  • "I'm using ESR Campaign Guides with my [Brand X game] for my next Napoleonic campaign." – totally cool
  • "I think [Brand X product] is better/cheaper/faster/superior/cuter/smarter/taller/softer/fluffier/brighter/etc… than the TWC version." – totally uncool

We completely understand that people have different preferences and some people like other stuff – there are a lot of really cool gaming products on the market, and we like many of them. But we don't go to their forums and talk about how ours is better than theirs (which it totally is ;-)), so we ask that be respected here in our forum as well.

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Posted : 31/12/2018 3:08 pm
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