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Seven Days of ESR - Day Seven - Wurzburg and finishing thoughts

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Okay, Wurzburg isn't really an army but 'Six Days of ESR' doesn't have the same zip to it.

For future armies, I have Baden, Italy, French Guard, Russia & Wurttemburg already planned out and ready. 

On day one I said how I felt 'Legacy of Glory' was the first set that 'got it right'.  Well, ESR takes what LoG started, streamlined & improved.  You can ask 100 Napoleonic gamers their favorite rules and you will receive probably 90 different answers.  To me, ESR is the best set on the market.  (Maybe a ACW version someday?)

One thing you may have noticed are no Spanish or 100-Days Armies.  I'm going in a different direction with those.  10mm, here I come!  My basic 10mm French army is almost complete. (But that's another article.)

Thanks for reading.  I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing.

Be Safe and wear a Mask.

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Line   2 2 DONE
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