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Seven Days of ESR - Day One - Introduction

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Without any gaming and working from home the last 7 months, I figured it was time to do an Napoleonic 'Elephant Walk' of my 6mm ESR armies.  All figures are Heroics & Ros (H&R).  I use 30mm x 20mm bases for all figures.

I started Napoleonic gaming in the early 80's with 15mm Prussians from Minifigs using the GDW 'Fire & Steel' rules, then moved on to 'To the sound of the Guns' & 'Empire'.  I found 'From Valmy to Waterloo' and had a nice 6mm Austrian Corps for that game.  FVTW is more of a lifestyle that you need to live.  Then 'Legacy of Glory'.  To me that was the first set of rules that got it right.  The first version of ESR is what LoG could have been.  I've been hooked on ESR ever since.

Feel free to write any questions or comments.

Each day will have a focus on a separate army.  I'll have pictures, stats of what's done and what's left to complete.

Day Two - Austria

Day Three - Bavaria

Day Four - France

Day Five - Prussia

Day Six - Saxony

Day Seven - Wurzburg & Future/Conclusion


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Oh boy!


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Ambitious project 😀